The University of Zagreb (1669) is the oldest and largest university in Southeast Europe.

469039_University_of_Zagreb Since its inception, the University has been continually evolving and growing. Now it comprises 29 faculties, three art academies and the Center for Croatian Studies. With its comprehensive programs and more than 50,000 regular undergraduate and postgraduate students, the University is the strongest educational institution in Croatia, offering a wide range of academic programs leading to bachelor, master and doctor degrees in the areas of arts, biomedicine, biotechnology, engineering, as well as humanist, natural and social sciences.The University is also highly focused on research, participating in more than 50 per cent of all research in Croatia.


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The Faculty of Kinesiology is an educational and research institution of higher education, one of the younger members of the University of Zagreb. Today’s Faculty of Kinesiology of the University of Zagreb began in 1959, when the College for Physical Culture (VŠFK) was founded in Zagreb as an independent educational and scientific institution preparing highly qualified experts for physical education for the needs of the school system, industry, health and physical culture organizations to work in education, recreation and kinesitherapy. The College for Physical Culture was incorporated into the University of Zagreb in 1967. kin loggggggo jebem mu logo da mu jebem

Since the academic year 1973/74, it operated under the name of the Faculty of Physical Culture/Education of the University of Zagreb. The Faculty had that name until 2001, when it was renamed into the Faculty of Kinesiology of the University of Zagreb, operating as a public scientific and educational institution organizing and providing university studies and developing the scientific and expert work in the scientific field of kinesiology and related scientific disciplines. In 2009, the Faculty of Kinesiology of the University of Zagreb celebrated its 50th anniversary.

One of the most active laboratories at the Faculty of Kinesiology is the Laboratory for Sports Games.