Due to many authors requests we would like to inform you that the Organizing Committee of the XII World Congress of Performance Analysis Of Sport which  will be held September 19-23, 2018 in Opatija, Croatia, has decided to  postpone the final deadline for abstract/paper submission till July 15, 2018.

Abstract/paper acceptance/revision notification: August 1 , 2018

Abstracts/papers are invited in the stated congress themes and/or any discipline involving the analysis of any aspect of sport & exercise performance.

Each submission must be original work that has not been previously presented or published.

First named authors must be the presenting authors and authors can be first named on no more than 2 abstracts/papers. All presenting authors MUST be registered by July 1 st 2018 with payed conference fee or their abstracts/papers will be withdrawn from the congress.

Authors may be named as additional authors on as many other abstracts/papers as they wish.

The submission of your abstract or paper must be in Microsoft Word through the e-mail: [email protected]

Editing guidelines:


Abstracts should be one page in length, typed in English and conform to the following guidelines:

Title of the abstract

First author’s name (e.g. Mike Hughes) 1 , Second author’s name 2 , … etc. 1 First author’s affiliation, City, Country; 2 Second author’s affiliation, City, Country; … etc.

The abstract must be in English and must fit within one-A4-page including any figures or tables, using the format and style described in this template. Use page margins of 25 mm on all 4 sides. Use font type Times New Roman size 12 points, with single line spacing.

Title of the abstract (14 points, bold, centered) is followed by one blank line. The presenting author’s name should be underlined but does not have to be the first name listed. Author’s affiliations (12 points, italic, centered). Each abstract should be divided into sections with Subtitles: Purpose, Methods, Results and Conclusion. References in text only.

Abstract text (12 points) paragraphs are separated by one blank line with bold, left justified Subtitle on top. References should be indicated in the text in parentheses (e.g. Robinson et al., 2011). Figures and / or tables should be placed after the abstract text. Any Tables should not include vertical lines.


The authors are free to create the papers according to their preferences and knowledge, but the Publishing Manual of APA, 4th and/or 5th ed., editing style is recommended for all contributions, as well as the Harvard reference system, e.g. the one used in the journal „Kinesiology”. No foot-notes are allowed.


The paper should not exceed maximum of 12 pages (including title, authorship, affiliations, abstract, key words, body of the text, tables, figures or any other graphical illustrations, and references). The „page” here means: A4 size (21 x 29.7 cm; portrait orientation) white bond paper; all four external margins set at 3 cm. Arial (AR), character size 10 in the body of the text, spaced 1.5; Arial Narrow (AN) in tables, character size 9, single-spaced. Justified on both sides of the text.


Print the Title of the paper in capital letters (AR, 14 pts, bold, spaced 1.5), centered; a single blank line follows. First author’s name (e.g. Mike Hughes) 1 , Second author’s name 2 , … etc. 1 First author’s affiliation, City, Country; 2 Second author’s affiliation, City, Country; … etc.

Each paper should consist of a heading, abstract, key words (up to six which have not already been mentioned in the title of the contribution) and the body of the text. Use italics to highlight any key words within the text, if necessary. The body of the text should be divided into sections with Subtitles (AR, 11pts, bold, current, justified on the left, preceded by one blank line), for the experimental studies: Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusion, (Acknowledgements), References.

In the text, the references should include the family names of the authors and the year of publication; when three and more authors are referred to, introduce the first author and use the abbreviation „et al.”; at the end the contribution, the references should be listed alphabetically. Please, do not number the sections or subsections.

Tables, graphs and figures

Black and White illustrations should be incorporated in the body of the text. Tables (Arial Narrow, 10 pts; referred in the text as Table and numbered consecutively with Arabic numerals in a single series).

Please, be sure not to send the tables in the format of a picture. Each illustration must have its title, or caption and a description in English language (placed above the tables and beneath the figures).

Graphs, pictures and photographs (referred to in the text as Figures and numbered consecutively with Arabic numerals in a single series), should be of good quality (digital photographs of at least 300 dpi; .jpeg or .tiff format). So, be sure that your block diagram or curves are legible. COLOURED ILLUSTRATIONS ARE ALLOWED.


Posters preferably measuring 100×70 cm, will be on display during the Congess. They should be structured in the same manner as the integral paper, but MUST be easily legible from a distance of at least 2 meters. All issues concerning layout of posters are the responsibilities of the authors.

Indexing of Conference Proceedings
As our previous conferences were indexed in Web of Science Core Collection – Conference Proceedings Citation Index, we are expecting that the Proceeding from this Congress will be indexed there as well.